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Talia Luvaton טליה לובטון

A cutting structure tool for creating a quill from organic feathers

The content world of traditional Jewish writing is fascinating and involves a spectacular craft that requires great precision and sensitivity. It turns out that there is a Halachic prohibition on using a metal nail to perform the writing craft, so the writer uses the feather of a turkey to write the scriptures.

'Feather carving is a major challenge in the process of training ordinary writers. The elliptical shape of the feather and its thinness make carving the feather a challenging operation, which requires maximum accuracy when cutting in order to allow proper ink flow. 

The tool is placed on the feather and assists in the four stages of carving and cutting, and allows accurate and safe preparation of the pen, thus saving a lot of time and money.

The inspiration for the tool design combines a matte and glossy finish and draws inspiration from the world of jewelry while maintaining a delicate, minimalist, and traditional character.


The carving process has several main stages -

The first step - cutting the first bevel and removing the pith.

The second step - Squaring off the end. The width of the cut affects the font size and style. 

The final step  - splitting the nib for ink flow, and cutting the nib at the required angle.